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FS-Elliott® has been the market leader in custom engineered air compressors for decades. These compressors are used for the most severe applications in oil, gas and petrochemical installations around the globe. For Industrial applications we historically offered similar products at a very high cost.
The Polaris™ Series of compressors represents FS-Elliott’s first entry into the Industrial air market with a product designed solely for industrial use.
The centrifugal air compressor is of the same design as used in our custom engineered products. We have developed a new approach to the package design that reduces cost and shipment lead-times without sacrificing quality or reliability.
The P300 is the first in the new Polaris Series of purpose-built industrial air compressors. We have brought to the market a compressor with FS-Elliott’s legendary performance and reliability at a price industrial uses can afford.
There is no better compressor available from 250 to 450 bhp.
Three (3) Stages of Compression
Oil Free Design
Backward Leaning Impeller Design
Straight-thru Intercooler Tubes
Heavy Duty Flex Pad Bearings
AGMA 13 Quality Gears
Improved Gear Case
Buffered Oil Seal System
Electronic Valve Actuators
Regulus™ PLC Based Control System
Packaging Design
Ventilated Acoustical Enclosure
Extended Air-End Warranty