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Pre-Owned / Rental Compressors
Pre-Owned / Rental Compressors

At I-Flow, our main objective is to work closely with all our customers and to understand their applications and usage in order to propose a ultimate solutions which will maximize efficiency and minimize the operation costs for their compressed air systems.

List of pre-owned equipment for sales


The initial investment for the new compressors is relatively high and therefore we are offering many quality refurbished PRE-OWNED air compressors at a much competitive price compared to the new compressor as one of the alternative options.

All pre-owned compressors are carefully refurbished with all OEM parts by qualified technicians and tested to ensure its performance. A copy of test report will be provided. A standard warranty will be six (6) months. Upon request, we would be able to offer an extended warranty up to 5 years.


For those customers who choose not to purchase and maintain themselves, I-Flow is offering a short and long term rental package up to 5 years. For this rental package, I-Flow will supply and install the compressor for customers with a reasonable FIXED MONTHLY CHARGES. All parts, labors charges and warranty will be covered for the entire contract period. In other word, customer will have a peace of mind compressed air systems at a fixed monthly price with no unpredicted breakdown or maintenance cost.


  • No Initial Investment
  • No unpredicted breakdown or maintenance cost
  • Short Term or Long Term Rental Package available